Around 81% Singaporeans have access to the internet, and that clearly states the potential of online marketing. Starting a campaign for internet marketing Singapore can be a big confusing, especially if you are a small brand with limited resources. It would make no sense to hire an in-house team of experts, when you have digital agencies doing such amazing jobs. With numerous companies around, how do you compare these services? Below are the things you need to know.

Don’t go by the price

It might seem surprising, but there are companies that still find ways to lure customers with discounts. Just because a digital agency seems affordable, it doesn’t mean that they are genuine and good at their job. Of course, you need to ask for quotes, but the price shouldn’t be the only factor for your choice. Also, the quotes may vary in inclusions, as well. For example, two companies may offer the same price, but one might also offer a free website audit.

Know their expertise

Digital marketing is a big space. SEO, social media, search engine marketing, email marketing, content marketing, link building, and blogging are just some of the components. When you compare companies, you need to know their expertise. Understand what they can offer and the strategies they use to target the local customers of Singapore. It is essential to focus on the knowledge and experience of the concerned agency, instead of their ads.

Ask about their clients

Is the company experienced enough? In digital marketing, you can only judge this aspect by checking their work, projects and clients. A good marketing agency will always ensure that you have references if required. They will also show a few case studies, so that prospective customers can understand their overall experience in the digital arena. An agency that has worked on both big and small projects should be your first preference, because you know they can handle your project requirements in the future, as well.

Take your time

You cannot build your brand in a day, so take your time evaluating the options. Singaporean agencies have a good name among offshore clients, as well, and therefore, with some initial research, you can find a service that can take your marketing plans to the next level.

Lastly, make sure that you read the service agreement along with the terms and conditions, which eventually matter in case of a dispute.