Both iPhone X and iPhone 8 were announced on the same date, and since then, the inevitable comparison between both has been confusing for many. Let’s agree on one thing – the iPhone X looks bigger, better, and it does offer a whole range of features that have never featured on an iPhone. So, which one should you pick? – iPhone X or iPhone 8? Below are some details worth knowing.

  1. The obvious comparison between iPhone X and iPhone 8 is the display. iPhone 8 comes with 4.7-inch LED display, while iPhone X features the first-ever OLED display from Apple. There’s no denying that iPhone X wins this round. The display is not only sharp and likeable, but offers a better viewing experience from all angles.
  2. Alright, by now you know that iPhone X is very different from iPhone 8 on the surface, but when it comes to performance, both are identical. Both feature the A11 ‘Bionic’ chipset, which comes with six cores, two been optimized for performance. However, iPhone X features 3GB of RAM compared to iPhone 8’s 2GB. Please note that iPhone 8 comes with a lower resolution screen, so performance will remain very similar.
  3. Both iPhone X and the iPhone 8 are different in terms of the cameras included. Much like iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X features a 12-MP lens with 2x optical zoom, but the latter is expected to perform better. Wondering if the camera features feel similar to that of iPhone 7? Well, the chipset might compensate, but yes, iPhone X may win this round.
  4. Well, iPhone X wins this round as well, as Apple has claimed that the iPhone X will have two-hours of extra battery life as compared to iPhone 7. On the other, iPhone 8 doesn’t really come with any considerable improvement. By the way, Apple’s iPhone 8 and iPhone X will come with the support for wireless charging, but that’s the thing for tomorrow. Also, the quick chargers are not included in the box, which is something you need to note. Go for a quick charger, and your iPhone X will get 50% charge in less than 30 minutes.
  5. Finally, let’s talk of the price. Most tech enthusiasts know by now that iPhone 8 costs 40% lesser than iPhone X. The base variant of iPhone 8 costs around $699, while iPhone X base variant is priced at $999.

Final word? To be honest, iPhone X breaks the monotony for Apple and it should prove to be a game changer for the brand’s future line of devices. iPhone 8 is not a bad device, but when compared to iPhone X, it doesn’t really create the buzz. Pick the one that fits your pocket better!