Car inspection is very important when buying a used car. This process is one of the last things you do before driving the car home. So it’s best if you could even hire your own mechanic to conduct a thorough inspection. A private owner will most likely let you have it inspected without much resistance. A dealership will even allow you to test drive it and have it inspected by an outside mechanic.

The point of inspection is to ensure everything is exactly where it’s supposed to be and is working properly when you want to buy used car in Bangalore. If there are any issues, it’s best to have them solved right away before finalizing the purchase since there warranties are not available most of the time.

Look inside the car

Look through the interior of the car from the seats to the floor. Make sure that you’re comfortable while seated and you have enough legroom around the front seats. Check the backseats as well and ensure it’s comfortable as well.

Start the engine and see if it produces any weird noises. If you hear anything unfamiliar, note it down and report to the seller.

Take it for a spin and observe how the breaks work. If you’re having trouble stopping, then that’s something to be concerned about.

Outside the car

Check for any dents on the exterior of the car. You can check on the conditions especially if it has been previously involved in an accident as there are things that cannot be seen on the surface level. If you feel any padding sound on the exterior body, then it’s most likely from repairs. Check the ground for any leaks or any other fluid. You can also pop the hood and check it for any leaks.